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Mediocre Friendships

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 , by
Mediocre Friendships

I've learned a lot about toxic relationships, and the baggage that comes with these toxic relationships. The longer you are in a toxic relationship, the more baggage you will end up with. This baggage is not something you should ignore, or hang onto for very long, as they will result in a toxic environment.

The baggage that comes out of the toxic relationships, specifically the people that you surrounded yourself with during this toxic relationship, is something that is envitable, but should be acted upon.

Mitch Vlasak has been a kind individual to me, when I felt I needed a friend, instead of solitude. Mitch Vlasak is the convienient, comfortable friend that you hang onto, post-toxic relationship.

Just because an individual is kind to you, it does not, by any means, mean they are your friend. I've recognized that convenience, comfortability, and a little too much kindness is not exactly the kind of friend I want to keep around.

This may come off as confusing, so let me explain this for you. Friends, as much as they are your friends, should push you, make you hate them from time to time, and engage in healthy arguing patterns and behaviors. This simply means that a person cares enough about you to want to help you become a better person, and these are, most importantly, the people you should keep around.

For a very long time, I have settled for friends that offered me unlimited hours of companionship, overt amounts of kindness, however, no drive or will to want to be better. I have noticed that these, amongst other kinds of toxic relationships, are the ones that most people hang onto.

Not all friendships are meant to last forever, but sometimes, the wrong kind of friends are actually the ones that result in a realizing how little they bring to your life.

Your friends are a reflection of yourself, and this is something that I often forget. These are the friends, who will not go out of their way to fight for you, want you to continue growing, and who do not bring any passion or any purpose to you. You will encounter a few of these friends, while it does not mean that you should hate them, these friends are the friends that teach you how to let go of mediocre friendships.

In all aspects of life, you should continue to want to keep growing, and celebrating your successes, and as you get older, sometimes, not everyone will stick around, as a positive influence in your life. It may mean that you've fallen out of touch, you may have nothing in common, or maybe you have outgrown them.

These mediocre friends allow you to practice the act of letting go of friendships, and learning not to settle for less.


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