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My Biggest Blessing

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 , by
My Biggest Blessing

As children and teenagers we often look at our parents as annoying, frustrating, nagging and pains in our behinds. It often takes some years of maturity to realise that our moms were always right and our dads were just looking out for us. It seems that we must first outgrow our ignorance or self-righteousness before we can appreciate them for the blessing they are.

My parents are truly my biggest blessing in life. They have been married for 34 years and are still going strong. My brothers and I have never lacked love or kindness or food or safety. My parents are not rich and have their share of diffculties, but despite that, they have always provided us with everything we needed and as often as they can, they provide the things we want. We have always had all we needed.

Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are where friends came over to play or swim or sleep-over. My parents are always part of these memories as they were always involved in my life and very kind and inviting to any friends I had. To this day this is still true. Anyone is welcome and greeted warmly into our home and if you stick around for a while, you become part of the family. Even though I no longer live with them, my parents' house will always be my home and I will always return there.

I have always appreciated my parents for who they are and what they have provided for me. It was, however, only in recent years that I realised how truly blessed I am. As I met other people and their parents, I came to the realisation that my parents were perfect for me. I could not imagine any other person or people being my parents. This realisation stemmed from seeing all kinds of parents and working with people from different families varying from homes like mine to homes where the parents barely featured. This brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with warmth. I had never felt so grateful in my life.

My parents are my heroes; my place of safety; my book of reason; my support; my teachers; my guides; my fall-backs; my examples; my strength and my heart. This remains true even on days when we disagree or annoy each other. They will always be my greatest blessing and my saving grace. I am truly privileged to have them.


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