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Partner In Crime

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 , by
Partner In Crime

Finding someone who is more than good company, and that you can  spend all of your time with, is something that is truly rare, as we all possess uniquely different components that make each of us our own individual.

My friend Leslie Fox is one of the only people that I can reflect on that is willing to spend a million hours with me, give me unlimited and honest wisdom, and who can crack jokes with me at any given moment. Every moment spsent with her is always an adventure

We are what people call, "two peas in a pod."

Having someone you can count on at any given moment, who is willing to forgive each and every small, petty fight you ever have had, is someone you should cherish forever. A beautiful aspect of our friendship is our willingness to simply move forward from any situation that resulted in an action where one's feelings was hurt.

In addition to her unconditional forgiveness, Leslie Fox exudes a confidence like no other. Leslie Fox has overcome so much and perservered through every obstacle life has given her, and still managed to come out on top.

I truly enjoy our never-ending banter. Sometimes, we even will be talking at the same time, not even listening to each other, and just know that we need someone to talk to.

Leslie also is single-handedly one of the only people that I am close with that I can share anything with, and who I know at the end of the day loves me.

Good friends push each other or place distance between friendships when it becomes more toxic, than helpful. Time, distance, and space is always healthy in every friendship, as we all need time to self-improve and solitude. A friendship that does not ever truly end, and can be picked up at any given moment, is a friendship that is real and one that should be celebrated as a blessing.

A stable, lifelong friend is a comforting feeling that everyone should feel at one point in their life. Leslie Fox came into my life freshman year of college, and to this day, we've had numerous petty arguments. However, the difference between this friendship and others is that I already know that Leslie is not going anywhere, and will have my back until we are both in graves right next to each other.

Just when you're not looking or expecting anything good, try to think about the one person, who you almost hate because you love them so much. Think about the person who not only challenges you, but celebrates your existence.

My person is Leslie Fox, what about you?


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