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Politician Of Pakistan

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 , by
Politician Of Pakistan

Early Life and Education IkramUllah Arain Bhutto, Urdu: اکرام اللہ آرائیں بھٹو, Sindhi: اڪرام الله آرائیں ڀٽو is a muslim young politician of Islamic Republic of Pakistan was born in Noble family in Kandiaro کنڈیارو Sindh سندھ on Feb 1988.

His great grandfather Ahmed Din Alias Nathoo Khan leave their state hold area Gardaspur to Bhattu Kalan ( 3.5 lac Acres Area ), sacrified his land and so more for freedom Of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and migrated during the creation of Sub Continent and arrived at Khanpur Katora Punjab پنجاب Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

But after some time His Grandfather Noor Mohammed and first son of Ahmad din Alias Nathoo Khan settled in Sindh on the invitation of his cousin molana Deen Muhammaed which was the Chairman of Zakat Committee by the Islamic jury and right handed friend of the First prime minister of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan and Deen Muhammed was also shaheed by the fire of pistil with his alon sun Abdul Rasheed in Tharoo Shah Sindh Pakistan as like the First prime minister of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan, Honorable Deen Muhammed Laid Rest in Jamia Masjid of the city with his alone son.

Hence in the embrace of Habib Ur Rehaman second son of Noor Mohammad IkramUllah Arain Bhutto Was born. Arain Bhutto completed his early education in his birthplace city school and he graduated in science from Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur [ شاہ عبدالطیف یونیورسٹی خیرپور]]; He was interested in Computer information so he went to Lahore and joined a Privet college Edge system international in Gari Shahoo Lahore.

After this he return back to his home and again join Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur and completed master program in English and also join Teaching and established his own institute and also taught as a subject teacher in physics like Behria Foundation institutes but he was a researcher of science so he couldn’t continue teaching then he went on to complete his master program in Physics in Islamia University of Bahawalpur اسلامیہ یونیورسٹی بھاولپور Punjab , during this Arain Bhutto faced very hard difficulties by his teachers and he also faced rebel people of Bahawalpur and some persons which were his class fellows; But Arain Bhutto آرائیں بھٹو Faced every person peacefully with the core of his heart because he is a saint.

Social Activities Arain Bhutto trust only Allah Almighty اللہ تعالی جل جلالہ and he love with His Creation because according to philosophy of Arain Bhutto when you love with anyone then you also love his loving things; So mankind is a lovely creation of Allah Almighty Arain Bhutto love with core of his heart with mankind, Arain Bhutto can’t bear trouble of any person So in a little age Arain Bhutto based a Charity foundation by name AL-NOOR FALAHE INSANIAT FOUNDATION النور فلاح انسانیت فائونڈیشن which main cause is Health and Education and service of mankind in their life and sudden incidents.

This is a tribute to Ikram Ullah Arain Bhutto


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