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Counter Strike, Call Of Duty and some memories

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 , by
Counter Strike, Call Of Duty and some memories

During my high school years Counter Strike and Call of Duty were the most popular multi-player video games which we used to play whenever we could find time in the College’s Library before winter and after summer (as our mid term and final exams are held in Summer and Winter).

We had to finish our homework before 3:00 pm so we were fully prepared i.e., got our laptops fully charged and packed a burger or sandwich to join the group for play like soldiers going to the battle field!

Counter Strike is centered around FBI vs. Terrorists while Call of Duty is about modern warfare with American Soldiers in some middle east countries. In Counter Strike I used to take the side of the FBI and then the same number of people would go automatically to the other side. Me and best friend Phuddu Raja used to pick opposite sides and after killing the other one we used to brag about our skills and agility in the game.

One day we were playing routinely when something very bad happened. Our head of department came in suddenly and out of nowhere, and took the seat opposite our table. At first he thought that we were doing group study but playing online games is a little difficult to stop at once. All us saw him but Raja did not notice him because he was using earphones and asked me for backup... very nice. The head  of department realized that we were playing games while sitting in the library and not actually studying.

The wery next day he called all of us to his office and asked us what were doing in the library in the evening. No one said a word and he had a very angry expression on his face. Then he began and said that your parents send you to school to study and instead you are playing video games. His speech went on and on and we stood there in front of him with numb faces. At the end he gave us a very strict warning and asked us to leave his office.

We felt relief as he was the only one in college with strict rules and policies. He also gave the order not to go into the college’s library after 4:00 pm. Which was very bad for us and we did not play games in college after our class. But it was good for us because our final exams were near and we studied with great ease as we had nothing else in our minds and all of my friends passed with good grades.

I am not saying that playing video games is a bad habit but there are some positive aspects as well. For example it helps to concentrate on the the task at hand and helps to adjust quickly to new situations. The complexity level of each video game enhances agility and capability. It also works to increase problem solving skills and most of all it avoids negative activities and bad social habits.

To summarize all this, every new technology has positive as well as negative aspects. It is not a simple answer that all the video games are good or bad for you or that the effects of video games are either good or bad for you.

If you have an unfinished job and you are playing video game then it is not a good use of video game as you are wasting your precious time in playing the game.

I still play Counter Strike and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Now i look back back and miss those days very much. But to me i think the time at High School playing video games was the best part in my life so far.


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