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Happy birthday kaki 

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Happy birthday Darling! 

It’s always nice to have a meal together alone, and hoped you liked the birthday watch :) stay healthy and happy! And look forward to the many future celebrations together!

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Hi Sanji,

Wishing you the very best and may all dreams you aspire come true. Will be there for you always...  Lots of love, Sanjeev & Bhargavi

Dated : 29 August 2020

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Happiest Birthday to the most specialest of boys! It sucks that we can't all get together for your birthday but know that you are still surrounded by love and good vibes 3. Have a wonderful birthday boyfrem!

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Happy birthday to you. God bless you. May You live long. 

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Happy Birthday Henry!

Eight years old already  - wow!

Another great year and you have done so much and shown so many talents.  

Now I hope that you will grow up to be a charming good guy like James Bond....

James Bond

 and not a bad guy like Blofeld 


 and with your talent for mathematics perhaps you will be the next Albert Einstein. 



Or the next Elon Musk? Will you invent something like the Cybertruck?


 Henry, you are a wonderful, inquisitive, intelligent young man and I am so proud of you.

I love you so much.

Love Papa


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