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To my sister – Older doesn’t mean wiser

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 , by
To my sister – Older doesn’t mean wiser

I was 5 when my sister was born. At the beginning, as a child used everything to be for me and only me, I was little selfish to her. Our relationship was rough and we barely talked and even when we were talking it was some kind of a fighting, competing etc. I don’t know how it happened, maybe me becoming older, or her growing up and expressing her feelings, we started talking more often. Now, it wasn’t those old fights or constant competing.

We started sharing details about our personal life. We started making more memories together and even though she was younger, she taught me some very important lessons in my life.

My sister taught me about sharing, because the more you give even more you get in return. Not money, but love, respect, care.

My problems became a little bit less scary. I knew I had person by my side I know I can tell everything about. Just talking sometimes felt good, made me feel less stressed.

I am glad I realized the importance of the family in our lives and I regret not knowing this thing earlier in my life.

I am thankful for the love and care I receive and give every day. 


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