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Your Home is where your Cat is

Saturday, November 18th, 2017 , by
Your Home is where your Cat is

“Your home is where your cat is”

I honestly cannot agree more. On the day of your arrival boys, I was counting down the minutes, wondering if the lady had gotten lost, full of excitement and anxiety, I couldn’t wait to meet you. I was shocked to see her climb out of her car not with two, but four kittens! I unfortunately had to turn down the two other gorgeous creatures, and instead only open the door to one pet carrier cage. You boys strolled out of your cage like you already owned the place, proceeding to sniff every corner of my living room.

Do you remember the initial few weeks of us starting to live together? Sushi (yes that is his name), why were you not able to grasp the simple, poo-goes-in-box idea? For days and weeks, you continued to relieve yourself in the bathtub and you have no idea what that did to me mentally as a mid-level germaphobe! I remember the first time I decided to fill the bathtub with water as the only sensible solution and woke up to a fully drenched cat who, as soon as he saw me, ran straight into the litter box for the first time and finally “went” in the right place. When we must go, we all must go (drenched in water or not) I guess…

Reaching 27 years of age, I have had my fair share of moving about. There was never a constraint in me to decide to pack up and leave. I lived my life so far by opening up my laptop and wondering where I could go next, to visit close friends, to start working or to go on a holiday; it never was an issue for me. After several moves I really wanted to “settle”, but for some reason whatever new location I went to it never seemed good enough or interesting enough. And as cliché as this sentence sounds, before I met you boys, I could never call this place a home. Now, the South of Spain is a place that I plan to try my best to stick to. I never want to cause you the same stress my previous cat went through when relocating from Korea to Bahrain. I want to be here with you boys. I know I may come across as a crazy cat lady, but before you start living with one, before you see the beauty each one of these creatures carry, even the strays outside will surprise you if you start feeding them daily… you will never quite fully understand. I know that having a pet is like starting a relationship, you boys will leave this earth before I do and I will have to see you through that. However, the joy you have brought me in the short time span of two months and the stability and affection you give me is worth the sadness I will go through when it is time for you to go. Even as I type this tribute to you, you sit on my lap Soya, and as impossible you make for me to get my work done, I just want to say thank you for being the sweet boys you are and thank you for being the kindest, most gentle and most of all thank you so much for grasping the concept around the litter box my boys. Shall we have some treats?



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