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Dear Fred Customer

We would like to thank you for being a part of Fred's journey.

To bring warmth and light to your everyday we have a Fred's candle for you in our Harrods boutique.

You can collect your gift from us by simply bringing this invitation with you.

If you have any questions we will be delighted to assist you on the contact provided.

Best wishes and thank you for choosing Fred.


dear ggge


i wish you a merry christmas





Dear Client


We wish you cheerful holidays and all the best for the next year 2021.

We hope you have mastered the challenging 2020 with bravour and will master 2021 even better.

All the best from Swiss Prime International

      Happy  Birthday

Congratulations to our beloved

   Mom , Gogo , and Friend


You have reached three quarters of a century!

And like many things ,

      age can bring  improvement 

Wine, Antiques, and paintings for example

     Why , what was $75 in 1945 

           would now be worth $1084 ❣️


Merci ma chérie pour ta lettre que j ai reçu ce matin. 
cela m à fait grand plaisir. 
À mon tour de t écrire, j espère que tu es contente d être en Grèce, qu il y fait beau et chaud et que tu fais de beaux châteaux de sable avec Josh. 
Je vous embrasse tous les 5 très fort. 
Mamie Papou. 

Happiest Birthday to You My Honey. May God Continue to Wrap you in his Wonderful Arms and Mold You into the Finest Young Man. May he also grant you Peace, Safety, Excellent Health and Strength for You and Your Loved ones.  I hope and Pray that your Life is Spared for many many many more years and that you Have A SPECTACULARLY FANTASTIC DAY MY DARLING. Smooches Baby!

Hi  my name is maryam I am 20 years old with immune deficiency disorder since I was 4 the first time it started I had a seizure so they had to take take me to the ambulance so when the ambul came they came and got me and put me behind the the ambulance I mean it was to Scary for me I was so young and confused on what was happening to me but when I got out the ambulance they took me to my hospital and they started rush ing me inside and started putting all them tubes on me my whole i have not had an good experience of of chdhood I just wish that i can atleast explore the world and do what I wanna do staying at my home all day its not healthy for me at i just wish I can get the support that I need right now i need a friend to cry on or something iv been feeling so depressed alot but yea make sure u follow me on insta @rieyathadancer and my yt channel is  : RIEYA'S LIFE  make to subscribe like and comment q

  1. Good Morning & welcome to Larry's Day. 

Yes Sir for an entire day Larry you have unfettered access to whatever tickles your fancy. Within reason naturally?  Please adhere to social distancing policies set down by the authorities. Larry I have one eye open so no toilet paper sandwiches! 

I truly hope this message & all my best wishes finds you well?  If Covid-19 comes a knock'n tell the criter to pass you by & come directly to me. You are the best guy a fellow could ever wish for as a Friend. 



Please allow my hideous photo as it is 00:30 Vancouver time. Wear personal protective equipment ! (PPE). Ha

Thank you for surviving the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Your service in the 11th Hussars and Mounted Police makes me feel proud and want to help others.

I am grateful that upon calling your descendant Diana Beeson it was possible to have memories that evening of your descendant Ursula Beeson that I cherish.

In your memory, I have done my best to fulfill a request I received in Stratford upon Avon from a grandfather 'take care of Alice' which I have interpreted as 'All'.

From a young age, I have been more interested in defence than attack and this links to Individuals who with a team, including your descendant Tom, acheived great things:

We can be proud and thankful of 'Stuffy' and 'Skipper' as designer and implementer, with the team in the air and on the ground, of a key defensive force in making the world a better place, for even members of the attacking force.

Good luck at your new skool ebony 

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