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To my favorite person

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 , by
To my favorite person

Most people say they remember when they meet someone and their life complete changes, for no special reason I fondly remember the first time I saw you. Of course, you were making funny jokes and just being yourself around our friends. I saw you walk away and just had this feeling of wanting to get to know you better. Fast forward to the next 6 years and you have completely changed and marked my life in a very palpable way.

You helped me go from an introvert, self-center, scared person to someone that isn’t afraid to take risks and enjoys being herself now. You helped and showed me how to become someone I can be proud of, someone that has a sense of self and its life main goal is just to be happy.

We been together for what if feels like forever now. We made our way from kind strangers to best friends in a very short time. From all the late-night calls, to all the girls and boys we been through, you made your way and marked your place in my life. Still, I don’t forgive you all the times you just disappear because of some random girl, but I forgive you,I cherish all the good times we had, especially all the times you tried your best to make me feel better even if it was a very crappy day. You held my hand and heard me cry every time and you never complained once. You pushed me to be myself more and showed me it was ok to like myself even if some other people didn’t like me. That is the greatest mark you have left in my life, showing be its ok to love myself.

There is so much to tell about you, so much of your personality and talent that I admire. From your ways of being extremely calm in stressful situations, you’ve learned over the years how to calm my messy mind and show that everything eventually will get better if we just keep pushing forward. I’ve seen you struggle over the years with a lot of stressful situations and not once you showed me you lost faith. I admire how naturally you embrace change even if it makes you uncomfortable at sometimes, I may not like some ways you adapt to your environments, let’s be real you kind of get lost sometimes, but you really put your heart and effort to everything you do.

The passion you have for things is incredible, if you have your eyes set on a project you will do your absolute best and accept nothing but the best. You’ve proven me and many other people that if you have your heart set on something there is no one that can stop you, not even yourself. Even if the project you have is extremely tiring or exhausting, you will give yourself a small pep talk and then push yourself to the limit and deliver just excellence.

You are kind to everybody and are such a people person. I’ve seen you many times walk into a room full of new people and just make your way through the conversation and become everybody’s friend. The way you just light up any room you walk into makes me cherish you and love you a whole lot more. You helped me with a lot of love and patience to burst out of my bubble. I have to admit must of my change had a lot to do with your weird sense of humor and your not always funny jokes.

I don’t think we were aware when we crossed the thin line between best friend and something but I’m glad we did. You’ve proven over the past years that beside being the best friend any person in this world could ask for, you are the most caring partner as well. We been through ups and downs, and even some time apart but we always managed to come back to what we believe is home. No one knows exactly how to love properly, in fact there is no such thing as a perfect relationship but I’m happy I get to share this journey with you. There is no one else in this world that I would like to share this journey with. You’ve recently have taught me that love is ever changing and that there are many ways of showing someone you care for them. Love isn’t the flowers or the expensive gifts, it’s the attention to details, the caring and sharing of feelings and becoming a team. Over the years, we struggle a lot with just communicating and learning to appreciate the efforts of one another. We slowly have learned to appreciate one another and just being there for each other in times of need, even when we can’t physically be there. Showing someone that you care for them is not as easy as it sounds, and I appreciate all the patience you’ve had all this years. Maybe sometimes things don’t go as we plan or we act upon our feelings, but we always manage to get our way back home. You proved me that love is scary and there is a high chance you will get hurt, but the risk is worth it. A risk I would gladly take again and again if it’s with you. 

All I have left to say to you is thank you, thank you for being my friend all this years and proving me repeatedly that I can be someone good and that loving myself is not something bad. Thank you for being an adventurer with me and sharing my passion of exploring the world. Thank you for being the best cat dad our babies could ask for, still waiting for you to let me get cat number three. Most importantly thank you for loving me and taking care of me all this years. I have absolutely no clue where would I be today without you and your love. You made me a better person, you showed me love is no fairy tale and you must commit to a relationship and most importantly you showed me how to find myself. Thank you for all this years full of love and I’m extremely excited for what the next ones have to show us. 

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